Downloading and Installing myFirmData

Downloading and Installing myFirmData

MyFirmData is installed locally on your computer. In order to keep your data secure, users will need to sign into Clio to download and install myFirmData.

  1. Navigate to and choose Download in the upper right-hand corner.

  1. Select the download for your practice management system and sign in using your existing credentials.
  2. Sign into Clio using your existing Clio credentials. You will need to be a Clio administrator to use myFirmData.

  1. Choose Allow Access to connect myFirmData to your existing Clio account.

  1. Select the download for Windows or Mac.

  1. Run and install myFirmData from your Downloads folder.  
  2. When the application has completed installing, open it and choose Sign In in the upper-right hand corner.
  3. Sign into Clio using your existing Clio credentials.

  1. MyFirmData will open after installation. Your data from Clio will now be accessible through myFirmData to create, preview, export and save custom reports. 
  2. The myFirmData dashboard will appear displaying your Clio data in an easy to read format. 

NOTE: Only the report definitions are saved in myFirmData. Your data is transferred from Clio to your computer; myFirmData never sees or stores your Clio data. 


Using myFirmData to access your data in Clio

To get started creating reports using myFirmData, choose the Actions menu and choose Create Report.

If you require further assistance creating, previewing, exporting or saving reports using your Clio data, check out our YouTube page here for step by step instructions or contact support at